Who will shout the warning?
Micah Fuchs   February 4,2018   AM

The key to spiritual success
Don Schuler   January 28,2018   AM

God has provided something better for us
Micah Fuchs   January 21,2018   PM

There’s a hole in the wall
Don Schuler   January 21,2018   AM

What does God desire from His people? (Part 2)
Micah Fuchs   January 14,2018   PM

Why did Jesus weep over the city of Jerusalem?
Don Schuler   January 14,2018   AM

What does God desire from His people? (Part 1)
Micah Fuchs   January 7,2018   PM

God at work
Don Schuler   January 7,2018   AM

God and Me
Don Schuler   December 31,2017   AM

The Ascension
Don Schuler   December 24,2017   AM

The sermon you preach
Micah Fuchs   December 17,2017   AM

A vision of God’s glory
Don Schuler   December 10,2017   PM

Lessons we can learn from David and Goliath
Micah Fuchs   December 10,2017   AM

The call of Matthew
Don Schuler   December 3,2017   AM

The Creation week
Don Schuler   November 26,2017   PM

Waking up to a rooster
Don Schuler   November 19,2017   AM

Five things that will keep us from seeing Heaven
Don Schuler   November 5,2017   AM

How beautiful Heaven must be
Don Schuler   October 29,2017   PM

The Blood
Don Schuler   October 22,2017  AM

The Lordship of Jesus Christ
Don Schuler   October 15,2017  AM

Learning to see From a blind man
Don Schuler   October 8,2017  AM

Micah Fuchs   October 1,2017  AM

The Power of Prayer
Micah Fuchs September 24,2017  PM

Seven Reasons I know God Exists
Don Schuler   September 24,2017   AM

Looking into the Mirror
Don Schuler   September 17,2017   PM

Looking at the end of Time
Don Schuler   September 10,2017   AM

Eternal God and Time
Don Schuler   September 3,2017   PM

The Joy of Salvation
Micah Fuchs   September 3,2017   AM

A rest for the people of God
Don Schuler   August 27,2017   AM

How we meet God
Don Schuler   August 13,2017   AM

It might have been
Don Schuler   August 6,2017   AM

Behold the man
Don Schuler   July 23,2017   AM

God’s Temple
Don Schuler    July 16,2017   AM

The Beauty of Jesus
Micah Fuchs   April 16,2017   AM

How do we see God
Don Schuler  April 2,2017   PM

The Parable of the Sower
Micah Fuchs  April 2,2017   AM

The Unfaithful Vineyard
Don Schuler  March 26,2017   AM

A Time for Everything
Micah Fuchs   March 19,2017   AM

God and His relationship with man
Don Schuler   March 12,2017   AM

What does it take to become a Priest
Don Schuler   March 5, 2017   PM

I am willing to be cleansed
Micah Fuchs   March 5, 2017   AM

Seeking the truth from the Master teacher
Don Schuler   February 26, 2017   AM

What God has not promised to do
Don Schuler   February 19,2017   AM

The Resurrection of Jesus
Don Schuler  February 12,2017   AM

Facing a monumental challenge
Micah Fuchs  February 5,2017   AM

The great mystery
Micah Fuchs   January 22,2017   PM

Sermons need to be filled with scripture
Don Schuler   January 22,2017   AM

Lets talk about Jesus
Don Schuler   January 15,2017   AM

The Way of Escape
Don Schuler   January 8,2017   PM

Micah Fuchs   January 8, 2017   AM

A New You for the New Year
Don Schuler   January 1, 2017    AM

Walking with God
Don Schuler   December 25,2016   AM

The last words of Jesus
Don Schuler   December 18,2016   AM

Between Pharoah and the deep Red Sea
Don Schuler  December 11,2016   PM

Why I believe it is necessary to be baptized to be a Christian
Micah Fuchs  December 11, 2016   AM

The Road to Heaven
Don Schuler  December 4, 2016   AM

Jesus on the Mount of Olives
Don Schuler  November 27,2016   PM

Longing for the House of God
Micah Fuchs  November 27,2016   AM

Give thanks
Micah Fuchs  November 20,2016   PM

A tragic sin
Don Schuler  November 20,2016   AM

A call made by God
Don Schuler  November 13, 2016   PM

The eyes of your understanding
Micah Fuchs  November 13, 2016   AM

Can you walk on water?
Micah Fuchs  November 6, 2016   PM

Open Windows
Don Schuler   November 6, 2016   AM

Meditate on these things
Micah Fuchs   October 30, 2016   PM

What does it mean to preach Jesus?
Don Schuler   October 30, 2016   AM

Remembering Lot’s Wife                                                                   Don Schuler  October 23,2016   AM                                                               

Jacob’s Forgotten Vow
Don Schuler   October 16, 2016   PM

Hearing and Holding the Word
Micah Fuchs   October 16, 2016   AM

What a Compliment
Don Schuler   October 2, 2016   PM

What would you give in exchange for your soul?
Micah Fuchs   October 2, 2016   AM

Discerning Good and Evil
Don Schuler   September 18, 2016   PM

Overcoming Anxieties In This Sinful World
Micah Fuchs   September 18, 2016   AM

Running From God
Micah Fuchs   September 11, 2016   PM

Does Jesus Care?
Don Schuler   September 4, 2016  AM

Jacob’s Blessings to Judah
Micah Fuchs   August 28, 2016  PM

What did we get?
Don Schuler   August 28, 2016  AM

The God of the Plumline
Don Schuler    August 21, 2016  PM

Back to School
Micah Fuchs    August 21, 2016  AM

Micah Fuchs     August 14, 2016  PM

Who is Jesus?
Don Schuler     August 14, 2016  AM

The Importance of Hope
Don Schuler       August 7,2016  PM

What the Lord’s Supper Teaches
Micah Fuchs       August 7, 2016  AM

Micah Fuchs        July 17, 2016

Is God Your Father
Don Schuler        July 17, 2016

The Victory
Micah Fuchs       July 10, 2016

Daniel’s Habits

Micah Fuchs       July 3, 2016   

Seven Things Every Christian Should Remember
Don Schuler       July 3, 2016

Christian Forgiveness
Don Schuler        June 26, 2016

Lessons in the life of Judas
Don Schuler        June 12, 2016

Building a Legacy
Micah Fuchs        June 12, 2016

What Now
Micah Fuchs        June 5, 2016

Can we really live for Jesus
Don Schuler        June 5, 2016

Find your way
Micah Fuchs        May 29, 2016

The Hands that were Wounded for You and Me

Don Schuler        May 29, 2016

Building on a Rock
Micah Fuchs        May 22, 2016

Hero on Calvary

Don Schuler        May 22, 2016